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What are the benefits of temperature tracking?

See how PWT can benefit the health of yourself and those around you.

Modern Web-App

Designed to run in the browser, PWT is flexible to run on most devices without any installation necessary. 

Your Personal Warning Temperature

The core of PWT is the ability to know your own Personal Warning Temperature. With this knowledge, you may know in advance when to take action to protect yourself or others.

Your Temperature Chart

After supplying enough temperature data, PWT is able to generate a unique temperature chart tailored to you. This chart includes your PWT and Temperature Channel. The channel represents where your temperature usually fluctuates.

Anonymized Private Account

PWT collects no more data than it needs to. All collected temperature information is anonymized. No email or any form of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is necessary. Simply register with a purchased license key and pick a username. We respect your privacy.

24/7 Support

The PWT Operations Team is available at all times to assist when issues arise. Simply call our support number or email us to get help. We pride ourselves in our customer service.

New Features and Improvements

PWT is in constant development. We strive to improve the product regularly based on health research and customer feedback.

Organization Support

Using PWT within your organization is simple and helpful to navigate through the ongoing global pandemic. The health data of each user is securely locked to each account and never shared to the organization.

Support the Medical Community

By using PWT, you are actively supporting the medical community by allowing for the statistical analysis of wide-spread temperature data. This is paramount to better understand how temperature can be used as a health metric. 

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PWT Primary Benefits

A brief overview of the basic features that PWT provides its users. By using PWT each day, typically both in the morning and evening, you are better prepared to make the right call for when it may be time to isolate from others. PWT is the missing link to being able to leverage body temperature as a reliable health metric.

Let PWT Safeguard your place of work

PWT features an alert system that organizations can leverage to secure their place of work. With or without the installation of extra hardware, PWT offers methods of proving temperature tracking compliance in order to gain access to a secure location.

Better Understand Your Own Body Temperature

Human body temperature varies from person to person. This difference is caused by numerous factors but the end result proves the need for knowing your own Personal Warning Temperature in order to gain an early indication of something being wrong.

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