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Personal Warning Temperature (PWT) enables you to better understand your body’s internal temperature and fight against infectious disease. Keep yourself and those around you safer by joining PWT today.

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Temperature Tracking is Essential

Featured Testimonials

August 2020

Abnormal Body Temperature is a Red Flag

“This morning [05 August 2020], I tested positive for COVID-19. Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have taken my temperature twice daily because serving in Congress means I interact with many people, and it’s my duty to protect the health of those I serve. This morning, my temperature clocked in at 99 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than normal for me. Because of the high temperature, my wife and I received a test this morning. While my test came back positive, my wife’s test came back negative. My staff who I’ve worked with in-person this week have received negative tests as well. Other than a higher-than-normal temperature, I am showing no symptoms at this time and feel fine.” – Congressman Rodney Davis (Illinois)

October 2020

PWT Prompts a Second and critical COVID-19 Test

“Temperature tracking made me aware that something was changing with my health. My personal temperature average spiked and I received the warning to isolate myself. That day I set up for a rapid COVID-19 test. The result of that test was negative! But, my temperature continued to rise so a PCR COVID-19 [second] test was taken and that was positive. Had it not been for temperature tracking and knowing why personal [warning] temperature U would not have taken the time for a COVID-19 test. I credit my quick response to a serious health issue to the simple procedure of taking my temperature morning and evening.” – PWT User

December 2020

PWT Prevents a Company-wide Outbreak

“I just wanted to let you know that Temperature Track [now PWT] caught our first COVID-19 case. The employee returned an elevated temperature before coming into work (below the CDC’s 100.4F threshold) and was isolated at home. He got tested for COVID-19 the same day and it came back negative. However, he was still running a temperature. Two days later we learned a close contact of his had tested positive, so we sent him to get re-tested. This time it came back positive.

Had it not been for Temperature Track [now PWT] he would have been in the office and could have infected a large portion of our company. Thankfully, all of his close contacts within the company have been tested and have come back negative.

I just wanted to let you know that it really does work, and that we are extremely grateful for this program. We truly appreciate all of your help.” – PWT Organization Manager